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Funeral Preplanning

We plan for every aspect of life. Having a family, vacations, weddings and retirement are all things we plan. We prepare for what might happen, such as fires, accidents or floods. But, because most of us do not like to think about death, we avoid making important funeral decisions in advance. When you plan ahead, you have true peace of mind knowing you have taken care of everything.

Preplanning for any funeral, traditional or cremation, only takes a small amount of time. But it will give you a great deal of peace of mind. For cremation, you’ll need to use the Smith Funeral & Cremation Service online checklist or review the steps on paper at home or with one of our preplanning counselors. From your contact list to an urn to memorial donations, you need to plan ahead for a cremation and funeral. The time to get started is now.

If you prefer to work online, click here to go directly to the Smith Funeral & Cremation Service pre-built cremation checklist document. Once it's completed, you can download it, save it digitally or print it.

4 Good Reasons To Preplan A Funeral

Your Family

There are over 50 decisions to be made when arranging a funeral. Making those decisions today lets you make logical, well-thought-out plans that your family will appreciate.

Lower Costs

While most of us have life insurance or funds reserved for retirement, they are intended for the living, not to meet the cost of a funeral.

Securing Benefits

With the number of revisions in government benefits over the years, it is important for each person to be aware of these changes and how to protect those benefits.

Peace of Mind

Your family and others who care for you will be assured the arrangements reflect your true wishes.