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Funeral Arrangements

The Traditional Service

A traditional funeral service can be in a church or in one of our chapels. It can be religious or secular. We strive to make this event both meaningful and tasteful. The importance of making this ceremony everything you want it to be is most important with us.

Terms like grave stones, tombstones, memorials or markers describe a very personal tribute to a loved one. We make sure you or your loved one is memorialized properly. Traditionally crafted from granite, stones can be designed and engraved for a permanent tribute.

If the thought of a dove, balloon or butterfly release after the service appeals to you, let us know. Many who use our heavenward releases find them to be personal and meaningful acts for all involved. Special music can also enrich any service, so feel free to inquire.

The Visitation : A Time for Support

Often referred to as a wake, a visitation can be held before or after a service. As an opportunity to say a last goodbye to a loved one, a visitation also allows family and friends to gather for support. The casket can be open or closed, present or not. Visitations at our funeral home help provide a sense of support and care for everyone.

Cemetery Arrangements

Cemetery arrangements are very important. With some sound pre-planning, everyone involved can understand the benefits of investigating cemetery options. There are many options for burial in the United States. The most popular is still the classic cemetery burial.

At Smith Funeral & Cremation Service, we believe that with the expense of the cemetery option, planning ahead can make a difficult process much easier for all involved at the time of a loved one’s death. In addition, since we own and operate the beautiful Grandview Cemetery, you can make all of your plans in one place, at one time.

Consider Preplanning

Consider some common reasons for making early funeral arrangements:

First, when a loved one has died, prior arrangements with us can make things less difficult. Second, for the critically ill, it can be a good idea to empower those involved with everything from wills to insurance. Finally, arrangements for your own funeral give everyone peace of mind knowing everything will be taken care of. No one knows your family better than you. Ensure that your family will have the support they will need at your passing and will honor your life just the way you want.

Preplanning for any funeral, traditional or cremation, only takes a small amount of time. But it will give you a great deal of peace of mind. For cremation, you can use the Smith Funeral & Cremation Service online checklist or review the steps on paper at home or with one of our preplanning counselors. From your contact list to an urn to memorial donations, you need to plan ahead for a cremation and funeral. The time to get started is now.

If you prefer to work online, click here to go directly to the Smith Funeral & Cremation Service Online Preplanning Form. Once it's completed, just click submit and we will contact you to complete the details.